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This site brings all of the J.P. Morgan Open Source projects together and provides links to their source code and documentation.

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Our Projects

quorum | repo | pages

A permissioned implementation of Ethereum supporting data privacy

584 2537

perspective | repo | pages

Streaming pivot visualization via WebAssembly

84 1502

cakeshop | repo | pages

An integrated development environment and SDK for Ethereum-like ledgers

140 377

constellation | repo

Peer-to-peer encrypted message exchange

103 285

quorum-examples | repo

Examples for Quorum

168 139

quorum-docs | repo

Documentation assets for Quorum

24 69

jif-dashboard | repo

A dashboard framework to quickly build widget-based dashboards

10 40

quorum-tools | repo

Tools for running Quorum clusters and integration tests

28 36

zsl-q | repo

ZSL on Quorum

14 32

swblocks-baselib | repo

A modern C++11 library that provides a number unique capabilities, idiomatic blocks and wrappers which are generic, flexible, compose-able and can be used in many generic contexts for development of both applications and system level components

16 16

quorum-aws | repo

Tools for deploying Quorum clusters to AWS

13 15

swblocks-decisiontree | repo

swblocks-decisiontree library is a high performance, highly flexible service which evaluates inputs to a set of rules to identify one and only one output rule which in term results in a set of outputs

5 10

tessera | repo

Tessera - Enterprise Implementation of Quorum's transaction manager

1 7

swblocks-jbl | repo

swblocks-jbl library is a set of core Java utilities based on Java 8 which provides as set of core error handling tools and additional utilites used across the swblocks projects. It has been written to avoid the problem of including a number of large external dependencies which are only required for one or two classes.

8 6

solc-cakeshop-cli | repo

An API-compatible implementation of the solc CLI tool using pure JS

11 5

zsl-q-params | repo

Parameter files for ZSL on Quorum

2 2

cakeshop-docs | repo

2 2 | repo

3 1

istanbul-tools | repo

Istanbul BFT tools

1 1

swblocks-msg | repo

0 0

swblocks-journal | repo

Journaling support for messaging applications

0 0

makeithappen | repo

5 0

cla | repo

Contributor License Agreement resources

0 0